version 0.1.3

  • minor bug fix for when quickPlot::Plot is called inside a custom function called “Plot”
  • reworked internal approach to determine object name and object environments

version 0.1.2

  • Small tweaks that allow methods to be built by other packages (e.g., PredictiveEcology/NetLogoR)
  • new functions
    • sp2sl to convert pairs of SpatialPoints objects to single SpatialLines objects, principally for plotting arrows as connected points.
  • bugfix Spatial* objects that had a color column, which was not working correctly.

version 0.1.1

  • add more examples to non-internal functions and do run them (per CRAN)
  • added checks in the tests to ensure all exported functions have examples

version 0.1.0

  • A new package, which takes all primary plotting out of the SpaDES package.